Atkinson Canal Trail

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Connects: Three Mile Park


Atkinson Canal Trail

The Atkinson Canal Trail above the Roaring Fork River

Glenwood Springs, CO – Easy – 1.4 Miles – Walk, Run, Road Bike, Dog Friendly – Paved

Atkinson Canal Trail is an easy trail you can walk, run, and bike that is dog friendly. This is a 1.4 mile paved trail in Glenwood Springs, CO.

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Atkinson Canal

A significant portion of the Atkinson Canal Trail is located on the original alignment of an irrigation ditch first developed in 1884 by Maurice and Alfred Morrow. The canal delivered water from a diversion point on the Roaring Fork River, upstream of Three Mile Creek, to the property which is now the location of the Glenwood Meadows shopping center. The Morrow property was sold in 1903 to Fred Atkinson Canal Co. The ditch continued to deliver water to the property until about 2000, even though the water rights had been conveyed to Union Oil of California for future use in oil shale extraction. The ditch was subsequently abandoned and the water rights converted to municipal use.

*Information provided courtesy of Willa Kane and the Frontier Historical Society.”

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