5 Popular Running Trails in Aspen

running trails in aspen

There are lots of running trails in Aspen. “Most Popular” doesn’t always mean best, but it does mean these are the trails people are running a lot. Here are 5 of the most popular running trails in Aspen:

1. East of Aspen Trail

East of Aspen Trail

Fall colors on the East of Aspen Trail

The East of Aspen Trail heads east of town toward the North Star Nature Preserve. Paved for the half and crushed gravel for the extension to the Difficult Trail and Campground, it makes for a fun flat run through lots of aspens shading the way.

2. ABC Trail

ABC Trail

The paved ABC Trail from Aspen to the Airport Business Center

The Airport Business Center Trail (ABC Trail) is a nice paved flat connection from the entrance to town at Cemetery Lane (Cemetery Lane Trail) to the Aspen Airport. The connections along this trail are plenty as it parallels Highway 82 giving you options to vary your run. From the Airport Business Center hop on the Stein Trail to get back to town on the Rio Grande Trail.

3. Rio Grande Trail

Rio Grande Trail

Rio Grande Trail at the Puppy Smith Street trailhead

The Rio Grande Trail follows the old Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad route all the way from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The trail is nice and flat following along the Roaring Fork River with both paved and soft shoulder to run on.

4. Sunnyside Trail

Sunnyside Trail

Sunnyside Trail in Aspen

The Sunnyside Trail provides a great trail running challenge. It’s long switchbacks and mix of flat and steep sections make for a workout that leaves little time to catch your breath.

5. AJAX Trail

AJAX Trail

AJAX Trail along Aspen Mountain

The AJAX trail is a great trail run across Aspen Mountain (AJAX). You can extend the run on both side by using Midland Trail and Ute Avenue Trail that combined provide a nice variety of paved, gravel, and trail terrain for your feet.

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