5 Popular Road Biking Options in Snowmass Village

road biking options in snowmass

There are lots of road biking options in Snowmass. “Most Popular” doesn’t always mean best, but it does mean these are the trails people are biking a lot. Here are 5 of the most popular road biking options in Snowmass Village:

1. Brush Creek Trail

Brush Creek Trail

Brush Creek Trail in Snowmass Village

Brush Creek Trail is a wonderful paved path winding through the Snowmass Village area and Brush Creek Valley to connect with Highway 82.

2. Owl Creek Trail

Yarrow Park

Yarrow Park in Snowmass Village

Owl Creek Trail is a great combination of steady climbing and descents along a paved path winding from Snowmass Village to the Aspen Airport and Buttermilk Ski Area.

3. Snowmass Creek Road (CR 11)

Snowmass Creek Road is a beautiful less travel stretch of paved seclusion behind Snowmass Village into the Snowmass Creek Valley. Along the ride you can also stop at Windstar, now a nature preserve, it was a piece of property once owned by John Denver. Connect with Capitol Creek Road for a longer ride.

5. Capitol Creek Road (CR 9)

Capitol Creek Road winds from its connection with Snowmass Creek Road up into the Capitol Creek Valley. A beautiful place to stop and take in the peacefulness of the valley is St. Benedict’s Monastery.

5. Watson Divide Road (CR 8)

Watson Divide Road is a packed down gravel road with uphill and downhill that will make you wish there was a guard rail. Be sure to stop and take it all in at the Dottie Fox Overlook.

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