5 Popular Mountain Biking Trails in Basalt

mountain biking trails in basalt

There are lots of mountain biking trails in Basalt. “Most Popular” doesn’t always mean best, but it does mean these are the trails people are mountain biking a lot. Here are 5 of the most popular mountain biking trails in Basalt:

1. Basalt Mountain Road (FSR #524)

Basalt Mountain Road winds from Missouri Heights up to parking area at the base of Basalt Mountain where many trail options await. You can continue to climb with the road to hit the Basalt Mountain Trail.

2. Upper Cattle Creek Road (FSR #509)

Upper Cattle Creek Road links another side of Basalt Mountain to the trail network. You can follow the road all the way down to the Cattle Creek Trail for a large loop or take the Ditch Trail for a shorter loop back to the main parking area at the base of Basalt Mountain.

3. Buckhorn Trail

Buckhorn Trail

Buckhorn Trail to The Crown

Recently rerouted, Buckhorn Trail is a wonderful link from the Rio Grande Trail to access the many trails of The Crown. The trail network can be confusing and a map can be a handy item.

4. Glassier Trail

Glassier Trail

Glassier Trail in Basalt

The Glassier Trail adds another option for riders looking to access the many trails of The Crown. The trail has great flow and great views of Basalt Mountain and the Emma area.

5. Hay Park Trail

Hay Park Trail is an awesome connection in and out of the forest linking Old Snowmass and Prince Creek/The Crown. Be sure to check out Dinkle Lake before or after the ride.

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