5 Popular Hiking Trails in Carbondale

hiking trails in carbondale

There are lots of hiking trails in Carbondale. “Most Popular” doesn’t always mean best, but it does mean these are the trails people are hiking a lot. Here are 5 of the most popular hiking trails in Carbondale:

1. Mushroom Rock Trail

Mushroom Rock

View of Mount Sopris from Mushroom Rock on Red Hill

The Mushroom Rock Trail is the main attraction on the popular recreation area, Red Hill. Stunning views of Mount Sopris dominate the skyline and town of Carbondale below as the trail hugs the edge of this rocky spot high above Highway 82.

2. Thompson Creek Trail

South Thompson Creek Road (FSR #305)

South Thompson Creek Road (FSR #305) in Carbondale

Thompson Creek Trail is takes you down into a quiet area following along beautiful Thompson Creek.

3. Avalanche Creek Trail

Avalanche Creek Trail

Avalanche Creek along the Avalanche Creek Trail

Avalanche Creek Trail is a beautiful hike through forest with gorgeous views of the surrounding area.

4. Mount Sopris Trail

Thomas Lakes Trail

View of Mount Sopris along the Thomas Lakes Trail

The Mount Sopris Trail takes you to the twin summit peaks of Mount Sopris. The trail is shared with the Thomas Lakes Trail, with a couple beautiful lakes half way to the summit.

5. Lorax Trail

Lorax Trail

Mt. Sopris in the background along the Lorax Trail

The Lorax Trail is a winding hike with views of Mount Sopris peaking through from the hill top ridge.

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