5 Popular Cross-Country Skiing Trails in Carbondale

Popular Cross-Country Skiing Trails in Carbondale

There are a couple cross-country skiing trails in Carbondale. “Most Popular” doesn’t always mean best, but it does mean these are the trails people are snowshoeing a lot. Here are 5 of the most popular cross-country skiing trails in Carbondale:

Remember: Winter weather can be crazy and unpredictable. Be sure to check/ask about the local trail conditions before you go!

1. Spring Gulch

Taking Thompson Creek Road (CR 108) up and above downtown Carbondale, you’ll find Spring Gulch. It is an amazing network of dedicated cross-country skiing only trails where unbelievable views and XC ski challenges await. Don’t miss the view from Paul’s Point.

2. Avalanche Creek Road (FSR #310)

Just outside of Carbondale, off Highway 133 is a bridge crossing over to Avalanche Creek Road (FSR #310). The road has a winter gate closure where you can start your cross-country ski adventure. This is not a groomed nordic track, but typically the area is well traveled. Dogs are prohibited from November 23 through May 1 in the area though, as it is a critical wildlife winter range.

3. Marion Gulch Trail

Up Thompson Creek Road (CR 108), just before the cross-country skiing only trails of Spring Gulch, is the Marion Gulch Trail. This forest trail through numerous Aspens winds in and out of groves and offers a quick escape out of town.

4. Dinkle Lake Road (FSR #311)

A short escape away from town heading toward Mt. Sopris is Dinkle Lake Road (FSR #311). Prince Creek Road (CR 5, 111) is partially plowed and from the winter closure, you have many snowshoeing options. Snowshoe around the many Prince Creek Trails or head up to the top where a 2.5 mile road leads off to Dinkle Lake.

5. Coal Creek Road (FSR #307)

A beautiful winter drive 17 miles up Highway 133 to the Town of Redstone leads you to the Coal Basin Monument and the beginning of Coal Creek Road (FSR #307). The Coal Creek Basin is a glorious spot where you can snowshoe along the closed winter road.

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