Wagner Park

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Connects: Mill Street Mall Fountain

Wagner Park

Wagner Park in Downtown Aspen

    Aspen, CO – Park

    Wagner Park is an open area, dog friendly park with watchful off-leash play in downtown Aspen, CO. This park includes:

    Playground – also called Molar Park for the structure’s appearance
    Open Field

    The 2014 Aspen Parks & Recreation Opportunities Guide provided by the City of Aspen Parks Department reads: (Click to expand)
    Wagner Park

    Being located in the heart of the downtown core Wagner Park is one of the most visited and used parks within the City of Aspen. Wagner Park is essentially a professional sized rugby field, but is used for many other events throughout the year. Adjacent to the park is a public restroom facility, and a very popular playground area within the pedestrian walking mall. Come and bring your kids, dogs, or lunch and enjoy one of Aspen’s iconic parks with breath taking views of Aspen Mountain. This park holds major special events only, such as the Food and Wine Classic, and unfortunately is usually not available to rent.”

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