Glory Hole Park

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Connects: Ute Avenue Trail

Glory Hole Park

The park in Aspen

    Aspen, CO – Park

    Glory Hole Park is a park typically filled with flowers and ducks that has stream crossings and paths in Aspen, CO. Glory Hole Park includes:


    The 2014 Aspen Parks & Recreation Opportunities Guide provided by the City of Aspen Parks Department reads: (Click to expand)
    Glory Hole park

    Legend has it that at the bottom of Glory Hole Pond lies an old locomotive engine, well that doesn’t stop the dogs from enjoying a nice cool dip. The pond is fed directly from the Roaring Fork River. Numerous benches are scattered throughout the park for contemplative thinking or just plain enjoying the incredible views. Great place to relax with your dog or enjoy a picnic lunch.”

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    Aspen Trail Finder
    9 years ago

    There isn’t a great park for large groups with seating that isn’t on the ground, but a couple parks have 1 or 2 picnic tables and plenty of grass around to sit on. There are lots of parks in different locations around Aspen to choose from. You should check out:

    Herron Park
    John Denver Sanctuary
    Rio Grande Park
    Molly Gibson Park
    Henry Stein Park

    Kathy Israelson
    Kathy Israelson
    9 years ago

    I am looking for a park in Aspen that has picnic tables for a Road Scholar group that I am bring to Aspen. Thank you

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