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Gisella Fiou Park (Basalt Skate Park)

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Connects: Midland Park, Midland Ave

basalt skatepark

Gisella Fiou Park, also known as the Basalt Skate Park

Basalt, CO – Park

Gisella Fiou Park, also known as the Basalt Skate Park, is a park in Basalt, CO. This park includes:

Skate Park

A welcome sign at the park reads: (Click to expand)
“Welcome to the Basalt Skateboard Park

This facility has been designed for use by skateboarders and inline skaters. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience, the following warning and regulations have been posted. Please heed the warning and observe all regulations.

Skateboarding is a hazardous recreational activity. Use of this facility may result in serious injury or death. The Town of Basalt does not assume any responsibility for injuries or death. Each person entering the facility assumes all risks associated with the use of this facility. The posted rules and regulations have been adopted by the Town of Basalt to protect your safety. It is unlawful to violate rules and regulations. Any person failing to follow these rules and regulations shall be subject to eviction from the park and prosecution pursuant to Section 1-82 of the Basalt Municipal Code.

Report all injuries to the Town of Basalt, Telephone 927-4701. Call 911 for all serious injuries or other medical emergencies.

Skate Park Rules

1. Use this facility at your own risk.
2. Helmets are mandatory.
3. Bicycles and scooters are prohibited.
4. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited.
5. Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to sunset.
6. Adding or modifying ramps is prohibited.
7. Bottles and glass containers are prohibited.
8. Respect each other and private property.”

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