Dog Leash Laws

Dogs must be leashed on all trails in the City of Aspen and the Town of Snowmass Village, as well as on municipal and Pitkin County open space, unless dogs are specifically prohibited on a trail or property, or unless an exception to the leash law has been made for a specific property or trail.

In Snowmass Village, the leash law applies to all trails in town, including Highline Trail and Lowline Trail, Rim Trail (North and South), Tom Blake Trail, Stark’s Powerline Trail, Nature Trail, Sleigh Trail, Ditch Trail, Mountain View Trail and May Fly Trail. At Snowmass Ski area, dogs are prohibited on Valhalla, Vapor, Easy Rider and Verde, and must be leashed on all other ski area trails.

Dogs are prohibited at Cozy Point Ranch, North Star Nature Preserve, Maroon Creek Wetlands and at Sky Mountain Park. Dogs are also prohibited at the City of Aspen golf course except during winter, when they are allowed only on the Burmese Boulevard cross-country ski trail.

In the city of Aspen, leash laws are in place in the downtown area (including the pedestrian malls), at Herron Park, on the Hunter Creek Trail between Aspen and the national forest boundary, on paved trails including the Rio Grande Trail, at Jennie Adair Wetlands, the Marolt Wetlands and at the playing fields on the Aspen schools campus and at the Aspen Recreation Center.

Areas for watchful, off-leash play include: Rio Grande Park and Wagner Park in Aspen, Marolt Open Space (pond near the roundabout is open to dog swimming) and Smuggler Mountain Road (sight and voice control required).

Within the national forest, dogs must be leashed within wilderness areas. Trail signs mark wilderness boundaries. Dogs must also be leashed at Maroon Lake.

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