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Big Burn Uphill Route

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Big Burn Uphill Route

Big Burn Uphill Route on Snowmass

    Snowmass Village, CO – Hard – 3.4 Miles – Uphill, Snowshoe, Dog Friendly – Snow

    Big Burn Uphill Route is a difficult route you can skin and snowshoe up that is dog friendly. This is an uphill route on Snowmass in Snowmass Village, CO. This route follows the ski trails Fanny Hill, Green Cabin, Trestle, Max Park and Dallas Freeway.

    Aspen/Snowmass uphill policy and rules at Snowmass can be found at Aspen/Snowmass Snowmass Uphill Policy and Rules.

    A sign along the route reads: (Click to expand)
    “Uphill Traffic

    Please travel near the edge of trails and anticipate and avoid blind spots.

    Observe the Colorado Ski Safety Act.

    Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.”

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    Posted in 1-3 Miles, 3 Miles, Difficult, Dog Friendly, Hard, Skinning, Snow, Snowmass Village, Snowshoeing, Trails, Uphilling (SkiMo), Winter Trail

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