5 Popular Hiking Trails in Basalt

hiking trails in basalt

There are lots of hiking trails in Basalt. “Most Popular” doesn’t always mean best, but it does mean these are the trails people are hiking a lot. Here are 5 of the most popular hiking trails in Basalt:

1. Arbaney Kittle Trail

Arbaney Kittle Trail

View of Basalt Mountain from the overlook on the Arbaney Kittle Trail

The Arbaney Kittle Trail is the local’s go-to for a tough uphill workout. Climbing up to the Fryingpan Overlook is a difficult and rewarding challenge.

2. Basalt High School Trail

Basalt High School Trail

The Roaring Fork Valley from the Basalt High School Trail

The Basalt High School Trail wraps around behind Basalt High School on the side of Light Hill. Though the trailhead isn’t well marked, the trail is obvious enough to follow with beautiful valley views in both directions.

3. Hillside Trail

Hillside Trail

Hillside Trail in Basalt

Hillside Trail is a wonderful skirt on the edge of the Basalt State Wildlife Area overlooking Downtown Basalt. Stunning views of Mount Sopris dominate the backdrop of the little town below.

4. Crown Mountain River Trail

Crown Mountain River Trail

The Crown Mountain River Trail at Crown Mountain Park

The Crown Mountain River Trail isn’t well marked and doesn’t have one specific trailhead. Behind Crown Mountain Park a network of trails winds alongside the Roaring Fork River. It’s a wonderful riverside escape.

5. Ruedi Trail

Ruedi Trail

The Ruedi Trail above Ruedi Reservoir

Ruedi Trail is an escape into the forest above Ruedi Reservoir. The trip to the trailhead traveling up Frying Pan Road might be more beautiful than the actual trail.

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