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  • Started out lost but we found our way 8 mile
    1 day ago Started out lost but we found our way. 8 mile hike from Aspen to Snowmass. And who doesn’t love some light trespassing if it gets ya where you’re going?
  • Aspen Mountain Summit Climbed from 7945 ft to 11212 ft
    3 days ago Aspen Mountain Summit. Climbed from 7,945 ft to 11,212 ft in 3 hours. Idk if that’s a lot, and dang it was hard, but the view from the top was spectacular ✨
  • instagram heres the deal This weekend get out and go
    9 hours ago  @instagram , here’s the deal. This weekend get out and go do something that makes your face do this . Take a picture and tag us and we’ll share it with everyone, because we want to spread that joy!  @meganlizotte   #aspentrailfinder   #trailjoy 
  • When its only Tuesday and you want to be hanging
    3 days ago When it’s only Tuesday and you want to be hanging out with your mountain goat friends already. ⛰  @lbryant815   #aspentrailfinder 
  • I trek therefore I ham trekkedout Love this pass
    3 hours ago I  #trek  therefore I ham.  #trekkedout  Love this pass & all it holds  #linkinlake   #linkinlog   #wellerlake   #icecaves   #aspentrailfinder  And yes I jumped in that frozen beautiful  #devilspunchbowl  again
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